Portable Car Air Purifier

Item No. : E-F2

• Material: Aluminium

• Color: Black or Silver

• Size: 68 x 170 mm

• Rate of Work: 5 W

• Nominal Voltage: 12 V

• Level: H13 HEPA

• Additional Function:  Air Humidification (80ml / 3-5 hours)

Portable Car Air Purifier E-F2
Portable Tire Inflator CZK-3636

Portable Tire Inflator

Item No. : CZK-3636

• Material: ABS

• Color: Silver

• Size: 230 x 120 x 198 mm

• Blast Capacity: 35 L

• Pressure: 150 psi

• Indicator: Pointer or Digital

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Item No. : CZK-6650

• Material: ABS

• Color: Black

• Size: 400 x 80 x 80 mm

• Rate of Work: 60 / 80 / 100 W

• Nominal Voltage: 12 V

• Rated Speed: 100,000 r/min

• Suction: 3500 / 5000 / 13,000 Pa

• Cleaning Type: Dry

Car Vacuum Cleaner CZK-6650

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