When you’re planning a camping trip, there are a few essentials like a tent and sleeping bag, and a camping cooler that you never want to go without if you want to go outdoors in the right way.

What are the benefits that camping coolers offer?

A modern camping cooler can heat and cool, they make it easier to organize and transport your food, and they’re lightweight but durable. They can be fully customized to your needs and the type of camping you enjoy, with a lot of features to choose from.

Whether you need something that takes ice and will last for days or prefer a power source keeping your cooler cold, there’s one out there that will do it.

We’ve compiled a list of the ultimate camping cooler benefits for you, so you can get yourself equipped with this essential camping gear if you haven’t done by now.

#1: They’re Easy To Carry

When you think of a camping cooler you probably imagine yourself lugging something heavy through the outdoors just to enjoy a few cans of cold beer, and wonder if it’s really worth it.

However, the modern camping cooler is made to be easy to carry and they’re incredibly lightweight thanks to materials like plastic and polyurethane foam.

Some models come with transport extras like wheels or handles that let you pull them along, so they’re much easier to take than you realize.

camping cooler with wheels

#2: They Can Feed A Big Family

If you’re in charge of bringing along the camping cooler you want to be sure it’s one with enough space to feed the masses.

The good news is, camping coolers come in some impressive sizes with over 50L capacity or more. There is ample space for everything you need and enough room to store the food and beverages for everyone on your camping trip so one is all you have to take along.

#3: You Can Enjoy A Range Of Foods And Drinks

Camping without a decent cooler is more of a punishment than a good time, and you will be severely limited in the types of food and drinks you can enjoy.

Good food means a good camping experience and with your cooler, you will be able to fit fresh meat, cheeses, milk, cold sodas and beers, and just about anything you want to take from your fridge at home to enjoy in the great outdoors.

stored food in cooler

#4: They’re Cheaper Than You Think

People are put off investing in a camping cooler because they think the price is too high.

A good camping cooler starts at around $100 for an insulated model and a couple of hundred for an electric or battery-powered one, with these prices reaching into the thousands if you were so inclined.

If you’re someone who camps a lot or enjoys time outdoors and away from home, they’re a smart investment and one that will pay for itself after just the first time you use it.

#5: They Double As Transport

A cooling camper with wheels can help bring more than just your food along.

These are like rolling luggage that you can place a backpack or other heavy camping gear on top of and wheel to your site.

Better yet, get the kids to sit on top and give them a ride they won’t forget, all the while, your food and drinks stay cool inside.

#6: You Can Take Them More Than Just Camping

A camping cooler might be named as such, but that doesn’t mean it has to be confined just to camping trips.

You can take a quality cooler along to fishing trips, picnics, and even backyard barbecues, or anywhere you’re headed that requires ice-cold beverages and food.

These coolers are a great investment for the individual or family who likes to get into the outdoors but doesn’t want to miss any of the creature comforts of home.

#7: They Make A Great Seat

Rather than bringing along a camping chair and adding more to the gear that you have to pack, you can transform your cooler into your very own seat.

These coolers are durable enough to be used as a camping chair and even the smaller sizes have ample space for you to sit on, with some even being perfect for two to enjoy.

As an added bonus, you’ll never be far away from your next cold beverage at any given time.

#8: They’re Durable And Weatherproof

A camping cooler needs to be as tough as the outdoors to survive and that’s one of the biggest benefits they offer.

Compared to other forms of food storage used for camping a cooler can withstand harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and even water in most cases.

You won’t have to worry about protecting your food as the cooler will do that for you, and it’s one of the most durable pieces of camping gear you’ll ever own.

#9: They Can Cool And Heat

The modern camping cooler is more than just a cooler, it’s a heater as well.

Some brands of coolers have two compartments that operate at different temperatures. You’re able to use the power of insulation to keep the cold stuff cold and the hot stuff hot, and those that operate with thermoelectricity do an even better job of it.

Most people only rely on their camping cooler for cool, but it’s nice to know the option is out there if you ever wanted to store some leftovers or hot coffee and keep it at the ideal temperature.

#10: They Keep Your Food Cold

This one might sound a little obvious, but it’s the biggest benefit a cooler has to offer, so we couldn’t leave it out.

A camping cooler keeps your food cold and with some of the more modern brands that run without any power, that can mean up to five days of freshness.

Without a cooler, you’d be eating dry packets of freeze-dried food and drinks that were warm and unrefreshing.

Related Questions

If you’ve never owned a camping cooler and want to know what the fuss is about, we’ve answered some basic questions about how they work to show you what makes them so great.

How Does A Thermoelectric Cooler Work?

A thermoelectric cooler that operates without ice uses a device with two sides that transfer heat from one to the other.

As the heat moves, one side stays cold and the other gets hot, and it runs on a DC electrical current to operate. Non-electric coolers use insulated materials and ice packs to keep your food cold.

How Long Can You Store Food In A Cooler?

Depending on the style of cooler and whether it operates without ice, you can expect your food to stay fresh inside for up to five days.

Thermoelectric coolers can last as long as they have a power supply, so it depends on the type of camping you’ll be doing and whether you have access to electricity.

How Heavy Is A Camping Cooler?

A camping cooler can be as light as just a few kilograms depending on the materials used to make it and its size.

Lighter materials like PU foam and plastic give it a lighter feel and the smaller the capacity the lighter it will usually be.

Larger and heavier rotationally molded camping coolers can weigh upwards of 10 kgs or more but are better equipped at keeping food cold.

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