Maintaining the tire pressure on your vehicle is helpful in achieving optimal fuel mileage and keeping the treadwear even. It’s important to check your tires often to maintain driving safety because low tire pressure could lead to an accident, flat tire, or a blowout. With a cordless tire inflator, you can check your tire pressure at home and refill the air in your tires.

What Are Cordless Tire Inflators?

Cordless tire inflators are a type of air compressor that operates on an alternate power source instead of electricity. For example, your vehicle or a battery can power some types of air compressors. These look like small tool kits; their primary use is to add air to tires. Since cordless tire inflators are small and have battery power, they’re portable, which is great for home use or in cases of emergency on the road. Cordless tire inflators can inflate other items such as an air mattress, pool flotations, or bike tires.

Here are some benefits to consider about having a cordless tire inflator:

Convenience: Having a portable air compressor is convenient for travel and home use. Other options for inflating your tires are to take your vehicle to a shop or stop at a gas station that has an air supply, but these may be hard to find. You can keep a cordless tire inflator in your car and add air to your tires whenever tire pressure is low.

Safety: When the air pressure in your tire is low, steering your vehicle can be difficult. Low pressure also causes the tread of your tires to wear unevenly, which may lead to hydroplaning. Keeping your tires properly inflated extends the life of the tire and helps increase fuel efficiency. Try to check your tire pressure before traveling and take notice of the dashboard signals to notify you of low tire pressure.

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