Based on experience, it is recommended that you check your car tire pressure every two weeks. Although some of us follow this religiously, some do not. In addition, most drivers don’t even check the tire pressure regularly, because it requires special visits to gas stations or tire shops. However, there is a simpler way to pay close attention to the inflation pressure of car tires. Use a portable tire inflator or a car air pump!

It is quite easy to operate a portable electronic tire inflator as it uses simple plug-and-play technology. When you encounter a flat tire unsuspectingly or notice that the tire is underinflated, let us learn step by step how to use it.

First, you need to connect the portable inflator to the 12V power socket in the car. In most cases, the inflator is equipped with an extendable power cord so that you can bring it close to any wheels of your car. As a precaution, keep the vehicle engine running to prevent the compressor from draining the car battery.

Second, check the condition of the tires before accepting the task at hand. If you see or find a large hole in the tire, be careful not to inflate it because it cannot hold air. In this case, it is best to replace it with a spare tire or ask for help.

Third, if the air leak is slow or the tire pressure is slightly lower, it is safe to use an inflator. To inflate the tire, connect the nozzle of the compressor to the valve stem of the tire correctly. Before turning on the compressor pump, make sure the connection is good.

Forth, set the required pressure, turn on the tire inflator and let the compressed air come into the tire. If you hear any hiss during the sequence, turn off the inflator and re-tighten the nozzle and valve stem correctly. The hissing sound indicates improper connection and will cause the system to leak air. At last, the inflator will stop working automatically when the tire pressure is up to the required value. Of course, you should be sure to check the tire pressure value recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. It can be found on the user manual or on a placard on the car door frame.

It may take 2-3 minutes to inflate a completely flat tire, and about 40-50 seconds for a slightly underinflated tire. When finished inflation, turn off the tire compressor, loosen the connection nozzle quickly. Above are all steps of how to inflate the tires.

Operation display video

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