Recently, people pay much more attention to the in-car environment when driving cars. Due to the deterioration of the air environment, especially the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 in 2020 around the world, drivers are taking respiratory health more seriously than before. With the rapid increase in consumer demand for automotive supplies, KelyLands has specially designed and produced mini portable air purifiers EP-204 and EP-501 for drivers. They are small in size, 90mm(L)*25mm(W) and 105mm(L)*35mm(W)*20mm(H) for each item. EP-204 is powered by the USB and EP-501 is powered by the cigarette lighter in the car. They are both very convenient for use and storage.

Car-Air-Purifier-EP-204 detail-4


Car-Air-Purifier-EP-501 detail-2


These two products can release 3 million anions, the effective area is 5-10 m². These anions are generated by carbon fiber brushes, which is also called the anions generator. Once it is energized, the product can effectively remove dust, smoke, pollen and other impurities in the air in a short time. It also can eliminate the odor at the same time. The negative ion air purifier is different from the traditional filter purifier. It can completely remove the impurities. This is different from the adsorption function of the filter to prevent the pollutants from volatilizing again.

Anion Generator Diagram

Anion Generator Diagram

Now our products have been applied for patents, and also applied for GS, CE, CB, EMC, LVD, ETL, RoHS and other international safety certifications for many global markets. Our factory also has BSCI certification. These products are sold to big Amazon sellers, Costco, Lowe’s in the United States, Homebase, Argos in the UK.

Because of the fashionable design, little space is taken up, and strong air purification capability, these two products have always been loved by the end-users. We provide OEM services, and welcome customers to customize. Please contact us at