Car Air Pump

Car air pump is one of Kelylands’ featured categories. Kelylands car air pump looks stylish and special. Thanks to our excellent design team, we can launch uniquely designed products every year. Some of our car air compressors have been hot sellers in global markets for a long time. With the continuous expansion of the car market, the demand for compressors is increasing year by year. The car air pump always has a small body and occupies a small space in the car. It can be used as an emergency tool, especially a portable tire inflator. They are widely used to inflate car tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires and even basketballs, etc. We also have a special blower CZK-3658, its main function is to inflate inflatable boats and air cushion beds, another function is helping to combust. That will make car traveling more comfortable and interesting. To reduce the space limitation, most of our models have wireless rechargeable types with a minimum 4000mAh battery capacity that can fill at least three empty tires at a time. They have wires with USB or Type-C ports to connect with the power supply. And regarding wired types, the wire length is 3 meters, using a car cigarette lighter to get constant power. Generally, it is easy to fill the tires for most cars. We support color and brand customization for our car air pumps.

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