During your camping trip, one concern people often have is how to enjoy fresh food and drink. Perishable items such as fresh greens, dairy, cold meats, and fruits demand storage at a fridge-equivalent temperature (typically 5℃ or less), otherwise, they will quickly go bad, especially when the sun starts shining. One way to improve this is to purchase an electric cooler box that will operate on either a normal power supply or a 12V source such as a car battery or power pack to cool your goods down.

At a campsite, it’s very common to have access to either 12V or 240V main electricity, either via an electric hookup or a car battery. It’s now also possible to buy portable lightweight battery power packs which can last for extremely long times running a fridge if you don’t have access to mains power. These work very well and allow the simple operation of your electrical goods. Using mains or stored power in this way means you have almost a guaranteed supply of energy for keeping your goods cool and fresh.

Also, there is the simple insulated cooler box with absolutely no tech built-in, you basically load them with frozen ice blocks before you set out from home and hope that it lasts a day or so. These can be good for day trips but are not good for serious camping holidays.

kelylands cooler box

Thermoelectric cooler box–these are well-insulated cooler boxes that use a cooler (12V or 240V powered usually) and electric fan to drive heat out of the box and keep your food and drink chilled. The best thermoelectric cooler boxes can lower the temperature by about 30℃ below the ambient temperature.

kelylands thermoelectric cooler box

Kelylands Thermoelectric Cooler Box

Model: CBP-33L-A

Compressor cooler box–this is like your electric fridge at home which uses circulating refrigerant inside which expands to provide cooling. They are heavier than thermoelectric fridges and also more noisy because the compressor is a mechanical engine in effect. However, they produce exceptional freezing and can have the temperature adjusted accurately using a thermostat.

kelylands Compressor cooler box

Kelylands Compressor Cooler Box

Model: CBP-C-35L

Thermoelectric coolers cannot be set to a particular temperature like on a conventional fridge – they just cool a certain amount, and it depends on how high the fan is whirring as to how much cooling is performed. On a hot day, you will need a higher fan speed to be set, so it will take a bit of fine-tuning.

It’s worth buying a small thermometer to keep inside your electric cool box and aim for around 5℃. This will keep your goods chilled without too much condensation forming.

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