Car Air Humidifier

Car air Humidifier is one of Kelylands’ featured categories. A car is an almost closed space, normally the air in cars will not circulate for a long time, there should be low humidity around. Especially in winter, a dry climate should be in many places, in this case, we need a portable air humidifier to increase the air humidity so that we can breathe comfortably in a small room. Kelylands humidifiers are designed for different small spaces, especially cars, offices, etc. With a cylindrical bottle shape, it is easy to be placed on the car cup holder, will not take up much room. Our mini humidifiers are all of the ultrasonic types with a capacity of 30ml/h. Their working noise is low and they can be set with an automatic shutdown time of 3 hours or even longer. They also have an automatic power-off function if there is no water in the tank. With a lighter weight and a quite small body, our portable air humidifier is suitable for different applications such as cars, offices, hotels and other small places. Kelylands car air humidifier is a good kind of promotional gift. Kelyalnds supports color and brand customization.

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