Cooler Box

Cooler box is one of Kelylands’ featured categories. Kelylands cooler boxes range in volume from 1L to 80L, almost covering all kinds of outdoor activities required size. Kelylands cooler box only has the insulation function and a light weight, and it is easy to carry. The insulation materials are mainly PU and EPS with good insulation effects.

If you need cooling, some models are designed with a special inner structure on the top, can have a better and longer cooling persistence. Usually, cooler boxes can store different quantities of bottled water, drink, food according to different sizes, they can be used to keep within a suitable temperature range for a longer time. Under normal circumstances, the effective heat preservation time is 4-8 hours, and the effective cooling preservation time is even more than 24-48 hours. As time goes on, the insulation effect gradually decreases. Kelylands supports color and brand customization.

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