Car Charger

Car charger is one of Kelylands’ featured categories. It is a product to meet the power supply needs of multiple electronic products. Kelylands car chargers generally consist of one or two USB ports, one Type-C port and one to three car cigarette lighter ports. Their rated voltage is 12V-24V, can be used in cars, RVs, vans and even trucks. At present, most of our car charger models have QC 3.0 protocol quick charging function, and some others have a Type-C port with PD protocol quick charging function, which is the most efficient mode to charge from 0 to 80% in 30 minutes, that should meet customers’ demands for quick charging in a quite short time. In addition, some models are equipped with a real-time battery voltage monitoring function, so that the driver can keep detecting the health of car battery. Cigarette lighter ports are equipped with independent switches. Generally speaking, most of our chargers are small in size, fashionable in design and highly recognizable in appearance. Whether as a promotional gift or for personal use, it is always a good choice. We support color and brand customization if customers request.

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