Phone Mount

Phone mount is one of Kelylands’ featured categories. Current cars almost do not have any proper place to stand up and fix mobile phones. And the space for mobile phones is also limited inside cars, which requires a mobile phone mount to solve this problem. Our phone stands are made with a vertical gravity sensing feature and can place mobile phones firmly. The bottom of the cell phone mount is equipped with an upgraded clamp, which is suitable for fixing a whole phone mount on air conditioning vent grilles or equipped with a suction cup and telescopic rotary bracket, which can freely adjust the angle of the mobile phone, then to adapt to the use of different drivers. Kelylands mobile phone mounts support sizes of 4.0″-7.5″. Some models offer wireless charging functions and have touch sensor switches, making them easier and more convenient to use. Most of Kelylands phone mount surface is made of organic glass or carbon fiber decorative films and matched with aluminum alloy supporting arms and bottom so that the product looks more premium. At present, there is a newly developed super mini phone mount ZJ-HY, small in size but can support 80% area of the mobile phone, which is very practical. We support color and brand customization if customers request.

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