Car Fridge

Car fridge is one of Kelylands’ featured categories. Kelyands car fridges including Mini Fridges and Coolers. They are suitable for a variety of applications such as car driving, fishing, camping and home use. They can be powered by car DC 12V power supply and household AC 100V-240V power supply. We have more than 50 refrigerator models. The volume varies from 0.5L to 50L, which can meet daily needs. In terms of cooling effect, we have three types of car refrigerators for customers to choose from, including single cooling thermoelectric type, dual cooling thermoelectric type and air compressor type. In terms of cooling effect, the air compressor performs best, followed by the dual cooling thermoelectric type. The lowest cooling temperature can reach -18℃, which can be regarded as a real freezer. In addition, the thermoelectric fridge also has a heating function, it is convenient for storage and heat preservation in winter. Kelylands caters to the growing demand of the beauty makeup market and develops some special cosmetics fridges, which can be connected to a household AC 100V-240V power supply, and the temperature is limited to 10℃-18℃, which is more suitable for storing cosmetics. Kelylands supports color and brand customization.

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