Kelylands coolers range in volume from 8L to 50L. Most Kelylands coolers are thermoelectric types, and 4 newly developed models CBP-C-25L, CBP-C-35L, CFP-20L, CFP-30L, CFP-35L and CFP-45L are air compressor types. Thermoelectric coolers are divided into single cooling and dual cooling modes, both of which can be connected to vehicle DC 12V power supply and household AC 100V-240V power supply. Most of our coolers are ordinary single cooling types, the refrigeration temperature range is 16-20℃ below the ambient temperature (25℃), and in some double cooling types, the refrigeration temperature range is 26-30℃ below the ambient temperature (25℃). The thermoelectric cooler also has a heating function, and the heating temperature is in the range of 50-65 ℃. Compared with thermoelectric types, air compressor coolers have a better cooling effect. They can be connected to the vehicle DC 12V-24V power supply and the household AC 100V-240V power supply. They can reach a minimum refrigeration temperature of -18℃. Air compressor types are without heating function. The cooler is designed for outdoor use, so most models have handlebars and USB power outputs. The new model CBP-33L even has the BlueTooth playback function. Some small capacity models are equipped with shoulder straps for easy carrying. And some large-capacity models are also equipped with a trolley feature for easy movement.

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