Mini Fridge

Kelylands mini fridges range in volume from 0.5L to 25L. All mini fridges are thermoelectric types. Except for some newly developed cosmetics fridges that are not suitable for vehicle DC power supply, all other mini refrigerators can be connected to DC 12V power supply and household AC 100V-240V power supply. The refrigeration temperature range of the dual cooling model is 26-30℃ below normal ambient temperature (25℃), and the refrigeration temperature range of the ordinary single cooling model is 16-20℃ below normal ambient temperature (25℃). In addition, the thermoelectric fridges also have a heating function with heating temperature ranges from 50℃ to 65℃. The refrigeration temperature of cosmetics fridge is suitable for long-term storage of various cosmetics such as facial masks, moisturizing water and moisturizer, and is generally controlled within the temperature range of 10℃-18℃.

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