Car MP3 Player

Car MP3 player is one of Kelylands’ featured categories. It is a small electric appliance with an entertainment function. Since some cars, RVs, vans or trucks are not equipped with radio or song playback functions originally, it requires a portable external MP3 player. The rated voltage of Kelylands car MP3 players can be charged with a rated voltage of 12-24V, which is suitable for a variety of vehicles. And their power interfaces are to standard car cigarette lighter ports. Our mini car MP3 players all have 2 USB outputs, most of them have QC 3.0 quick charging function. Especially, T-19 and C-21 have the latest Type-C outputs with PD quick charging function. Currently, all of our MP3 players have Bluetooth 5.0 built-in, making the connection with cell phones much faster and more stable. All of Kelylands MP3 players come with displays by LED or LCD screens, which show real-time car battery voltage, file name, FM, song number and name. All of our MP3 players support TF cards and USB flash disks to play music, and can also be connected to mobile phone apps for song playing and voice navigation. What’s more, this product realizes the one-button operation to answer and hang up the mobile phone, it will make much safer driving. Thanks to the built-in sensitive microphone, our voice quality is very high. We support color and brand customization if customers request.

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