Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car vacuum cleaner is one of Kelylands’ featured categories. Some of our classic models have long been hot sellers in many overseas markets. The main features of our portable car vacuum cleaners are small size, strong suction and easy placement. Most of our car vacuum cleaners are split structure, so they are easy to disassemble and clean. Generally, their suction ranges between 3500Pa and 13000Pa. Except for the two mini handheld models CZK-6650 and CZK-6660, which are dry types, the other models are dry and wet integrated. Moreover, CZK-6624 and CZK-6631 are two classic 4 in 1 car vacuum cleaners, which have four functions: vacuum cleaning, LED lighting, air inflation and digital display.

To meet different applications, we equip extended suction nozzles with special shapes and brush for each car vacuum cleaner, which can easily clean narrow, rough and other places that are easy to hide dust. For most models, we provide both wired types and wireless rechargeable types. Compared with the normal wired model, the wireless rechargeable model is not limited by the physical space during working, and it can continue to work for 15 minutes or even more than 20 minutes when fully charged. We have built-in lithium batteries of more than 4000mAh for wireless charging models. To obtain greater suction and longer service life, we install brushless motors in some products, so that their working performance is more superior. Some products have additional functions, such as lighting, inflating, jump starting and air blowing, etc. Kelylands supports color and brand customization.

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