In dry weather, many people like to place an air humidifier at home to increase the humidity, which is also beneficial to the air that the human body breathes. In the hot summer, many car owners also like to put a car air humidifier in the car. Why do car owners also like to put one in the car? What are the functions and benefits of a car humidifier?

The function of a car air humidifier

The car humidifier can effectively increase the temperature in the car room, moisturize the dry air, and make our air fresher. We can also prevent some plant essential oils or liquid medicines in the water, let it evaporate with the water mist, full of fragrance in the room, and also can remove the peculiar smell in the car and make it easier for our body to absorb.

Benefits of a car air humidifier

In summer, the temperature is relatively high, and the air conditioner will be turned on in the car, which will cause the car to be very dry. The car humidifier can make the dry air comfortable, and achieve the function of moisturizing skin and beautifying the skin. Liquid medicine can also be added to make it easier for our body to absorb as the water mist evaporates. Inhibit the spread of bacteria in the air, effectively avoid causing respiratory diseases.

How to buy a car air humidifier

It is best to buy a car humidifier that meets the standard brand. The water tank of the humidifier should have silver ion sterilization technology to avoid water deterioration; second, it has an automatic constant humidity function to ensure that the car is always in a healthy humidity.

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Precautions in using

1. Be sure to turn off the power before changing the water of the on-board humidifier. This is to ensure and prolong the service life of the humidifier. At the same time, clean and cold water must be used. Do not use hot or ice water. When pouring water, please pay attention to the direction to avoid water entering the air duct and burning the host.

2. When the humidifier is not in use, before putting it away, clean the water tank and the host and keep it dry. No matter whether the transducer has scale or not, it is strictly forbidden to scrape it. Do not clean it with other chemicals except for the descaling agent. Just clean it carefully with the descaling agent and dry it naturally.

3. When using steering spray, please avoid obstacles. It cannot be used for forced angle adjustment. When adjusting the steering angle, the nozzle should be lifted and repositioned.

The car air humidifier can be used in all four seasons, especially in autumn and winter when the weather is dry. It is very comfortable to use in winter.

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