Air compressors can be used for a wide variety of applications, making them a worthwhile addition to any workshop or handyman’s tool collection. One of the most common uses for a compressor would be inflating flat tires, which means you no longer have to go to a professional service whenever your tires need more air pressure.

Of course, you may have reservations about doing this yourself, as there is a risk to over-inflating your car tires, which can explode when you’re on the road. Air pressure inside a tire naturally increases due to heat, and if you’re driving in the middle of the day, there’s a very real danger that your tires will explode, causing a disastrous road accident should you be moving at high speeds.

In this guide, we go over how to inflate your tires safely using your own air compressor.

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Inflate Your Tires With An Air Compressor

What You Need

Before you can inflate your tires with an air compressor, you need a few tools that will prevent the problem of filling them with too much compressed air.

The first tool will be a regulator, which will ensure that your compressor does not inflate your tires too quickly and exceeds the recommended PSI. A regulator will reign in your air compressor’s flow of pressurized air into the tire, stopping its tire pressure from shooting up to 100 PSI in an instant, which is 3 times the acceptable pressure for car and motorcycle tires.
A regulator is one of those tools that will prove indispensable if you use your air compressor to inflate your tires regularly.

Your next tool will be a pressure gauge, which will help you keep an eye on the actual air pressure inside your tire. This will help you determine whether the tire’s pressure is enough, excessive, or insufficient. In other words, you’ll need to continually monitor your tire’s pressure as you inflate them with the compressor. For this, the pressure gauge will be very useful.

You will also need a tire chuck with an air connector built into it. This will allow you to connect the air hose from the compressor to the valve, making a flow of compressed air from the device to the tire possible. You now have the three tools that you will need in order to safely and properly inflate your tires using an air compressor.

The Actual Process

Now, let’s move on to the actual process of filling up your tire with air. This process is actually straightforward. Just read through and you’ll get the process down quickly.

Connect the hose from the compressor to the regulator, and then to the tire valve using the chuck. Now, we’ve mentioned earlier that the compressor has a pressure that exceeds what is needed by the tire. That’s where the regulator comes in: simply set the regulator to the desired pressure, and start filling the tire up.

Make sure to monitor the tire pressure continually using the pressure gauge. If the tire pressure exceeds the PSI level recommended by the tire manufacturer, simply allow air to bleed out.

As you can see, inflating your tires with an air compressor is very simple. If you have the right tools, you don’t need to worry about tires exploding due to excess pressure. With a regulator and the pressure gauge on your side, you can be sure that you’re doing everything safely and accurately.

Operation Video of CZK-3665 Handheld Air Compressor

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