Is it beneficial to get our skincare items chilling in a skincare fridge? We are going to find out today!

1. It keeps products fresh and lasting longer. Keeping your skincare in a colder temperature will keep them from expiring as quickly. We have had plenty of products go bad before we can finish them and we end up having to throw them away (look for discoloration and smell in skincare to know if it is too old to use). Keeping them cooler can help save them a little longer.

2. Skincare products that are chilled can help calm the skin. Our skin can become inflamed for any number of reasons, like a breakout, keeping topical acne treatment in a skincare fridge can help reduce inflammation because of the cooler touch of the product.

3. The cooler temperature will keep bacteria away from your products, so your products remain clean and sanitary.

4. De-puffing Gem, keeping eye gels, jade roller, or any under eye creams can really help de-puff tired eyes. Try popping a metal spoon (yes from your kitchen), in your fridge overnight and when you wake up the next day hold the spoons on your underwear bags for several minutes and you will see instant results.

5. It’s just fun and cute! This skincare fridge is seriously so much fun. We don’t keep it in our bathroom because of lack of room, but we go to the next room and open the fridge to do our little routine, it’s just fun and cute and that’s enough reason to use one for us!

kelylands skincare fridge

The above 5 main benefits of a skincare fridge, hope you can learn something about such small products. If you would like to find out more about Kelylands skincare fridges, please feel free to leave a message online, chat with our team on WhatsApp +86 170 5109 5790 or send us an email at We always welcome your inquiries.