Cosmetics need to be stored in a dry, lucifugal, homothermal and antibacterial environment. Otherwise, oxidative deterioration and reduced efficacy may occur. Ordinary storage boxes cannot meet the constant temperature requirements of cosmetics, so cosmetics are recommended to be stored in a refrigerator. In fact, cosmetics have higher requirements for refrigeration. First, the temperature is most suitable in the range of 10 degrees to 12 degrees. Second, the accuracy of temperature control and the stability of temperature in the refrigerator is required. Therefore, do not put cosmetics in a food refrigerator. First, it is difficult for ordinary household refrigerators to maintain a constant temperature environment, and second, storing cosmetics with food will cause bacteria to grow or cross-contamination. We can consider buying a beauty refrigerator, which is specially designed to store cosmetics properly. Generally, cosmetics refrigerators have different partitions, we can separate various cosmetics such as perfumes, facial masks, creams, etc. according to their capacity and volume or our own habits to make them easy to take. Some cosmetics fridges also come with an integrated makeup mirror, with adjustable LED light, which is equivalent to a small dressing table, can expand the desktop space, very practical.

The beauty refrigerator is mainly used to store some cosmetics and skincare products, which is indeed a trend. Many skincare products are now beginning to use some enzymes to help whiten and improve cell activity, and there are still requirements for the storage environment. Therefore, there will be more and more beauty refrigerators on the market. Beauty refrigerators are generally relatively small and are specially placed on the dressing table in the room or bathroom, which is convenient for daily makeup and skincare.

kelylands beauty refrigerator MFA-10L-M

Item No.: MFA-10L-M, with a makeup mirror and adjustable LED light

kelylands beauty refrigerator MFA-12L-C

Item No.: MFA-12L-C, our new special beauty refrigerator with a double door design.

For cosmetic refrigerators, constant humidity is also particularly important. A good cosmetic refrigerator can always keep the humidity at 40%-60%, so as to avoid cosmetic deterioration caused by humidity changes. By the way, the following are the suitable storage temperatures for various types of cosmetics:

  • Toner: 10-15°C
  • Cream: 15°C
  • Lipstick: 10-25°C
  • Nail polish: 5-15°C
  • Perfume: 10-15°C
  • Facial mask: 5-15°C

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